Electricity Can Come In All Different Forms!

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Aug 13 2013

With renewable energy being such a prime area of concern, researchers are steadily developing new ways to produce electricity. Here are some of the different ways in which electricity can be produced.

Electrical Plants
In the United States, the majority of electrical power is derived from the burning of coal. A disadvantage of using this method to produce electricity is that it pollutes the atmosphere. Coal is also a non-renewable resource that can be depleted.

Nuclear Power
Nuclear power plants Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Your Bill!

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Jun 07 2013

Let’s face it; everything seems to get more expensive every year, including electricity.

Here are 10 ways to cut back on your electric bill.

Have an HVAC inspection - These typically cost 50 to 100 but can result in savings over time.

Get the right size - When shopping for an air conditioner, be sure to get the proper size for the space.

Change your filters - Ideally, filters should be changed or cleaned monthly.

Get a programmable thermostat - By Read the rest of this entry »

How Can You Cut Your Electric Bill In Half?

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Mar 30 2013

Your electricity bill can certainly be a burden in an unstable economy. However, if you make some changes, it is indeed possibly to slash that bill in half. Below are a few tips you can use to save significant amounts of money on electricity.

1. Unplug All of Your Electronics

Even when things like computers and televisions are turned off, they are still using a significant amount of electricity while in this dormant state. Save this Read the rest of this entry »

Green Energy is the Wave of the Future

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Nov 28 2012

Lots of people are talking about green energy these days, but if you’re like me the same question always comes to mind: Learn about Texas Energy
Turns out spending just a few minutes searching on the web for green energy and you’ll come up with all sorts of information. In a nutshell, green energy is any form of energy that is produced from a renewable resource. Renewable resources can be things like sunlight, wind, even water.
The opposite of green energy is brown energy. Brown energy is produced by burning fossil fuels. These types of fuels were created over millions of years inside the Earth, and they are burned to produce energy.
One of the best aspects of green energy is the resulting reduction of fossil fuel use for two reasons:
1) Fossil fuels are finite resources, whereas renewable resources are unlimited in scope.
2) Renewable resources are usually not burned to create energy, thereby reducing the carbon emissions created as a byproduct of energy generation.
If you’re interested in adding green energy to your energy portfolio there are a few ways to do so. You can contact your utility company or energy supplier. Often these companies will offer products that allow you to support green energy initiatives. You can also go the extra mile and add infrastructure to your property. Whether you choose to install solar panels or windmills, most areas of the country have the conditions to support some type of green energy production on a small scale.
Green energy could be the future of all energy production in the United States and abroad. It offers the promise of cheaper and unlimited energy solutions.

Why Is Electricity So Expensive Lately?

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Sep 11 2012

Well, being that it’s currently summer, one would expect that the higher usage because of the summer heat would be the driving factor in increased electricity prices but it’s not. Well, there is an increase in summer electricity rates but that’s largely seasonal and is anticipated. What’s really driving up electricity rates (and increasing the probability of blackouts as power grids get overwhelmed) is regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. New regulations went into effect in January of this year called Read the rest of this entry »

Where Does Electricity Mostly Come From?

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Sep 09 2012

When people think about electricity, they tend to think of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Where does it come from though and how do they get converted to the power for our homes and offices?

Most of our electricity comes from power plants. At these plants the heat from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas is converted into energy. The process is different for each fuel but the end results are the same. Coal, for example, is burned and the heat is converted using a boiler. From there it becomes mechanical energy in Read the rest of this entry »

When Is A Good Time To Go Green?

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Sep 08 2012

When is a good time to go green is a question that has a very simple answer – now. Right now is the best time to go green and save the environment while also saving you some extra cash.
With the economy currently in a recession, going green has the benefit of saving you cash while also helping keep the environment pristine. Going green can easily be done with many of technologies such as solar panels for electricity and investing Read the rest of this entry »

What Is The Best Electrical Company Out There Now?

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Sep 05 2012

What Is The Best Electrical Company Out There Now?

NSTAR is a Boston, Massachusetts electrical company that provides service to residential and commercial buildings. They serve almost one and a half million customers in the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. NSTAR was formed in 1999 and continue to meet the city of Boston’s high demand for electricity. They have a social, economic and environmental initiative that makes them a role model for current utility companies in Read the rest of this entry »

Who Runs The Best Electrical Company In The US?

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Sep 02 2012

So here is the question, “Just Who Runs the Best Electrical Company in the US?” We all know that answering this question is no easy task. But there are few things to look for when deciding and looking for a company to follow.

More recently electric rates across the country have been going up. Many people fear price gouging because there really is not a clear cut answer as to why electricity rates continue to climb. You can feel better about your company when you know there is more than one electric company for you to Read the rest of this entry »